Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jungle Book

The girls were in the Play The Jungle Book put on by the Missoula Children Theater! Here is Delaney (in the dark brown) she is a wolf in case you couldn't tell

Cienna was part of KAA the snake.

Here is the entire cast of about sixty kids ranging from kindegarden to about 12th grade! There were two people to get this all put together in just 5 days!?

After makeup the wolf and the snake. They had so much fun!

Cienna at dress rehersal.

Delaney saying her part

Cienna listening to BALOO the bear tell the tale.

here she is again

"remember my line, remember my line!"

BALOO singing a song. It was such a fun night, Joel was sure upset about not being a monkey but maybe next year- the only bad thing is it will be a different play! It was a long week, Mike was gone to cheyenne for meetings and I had meetings here, I'm glad I have family and friends willing to help me out! We slept in this morning and we have one more show this afternoon then back to normal- whatever that means!?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Delaney FINALLY get Her Birthday Party!

She decided that che wanted cupcakes for her birthday so she made them all herself! She is getting way to grown up!

I was trying to show the screen she actually got the best score out of all of us! Hoorah for Delaney!

Delaney giving the ball a good luck hug.

Mike took one of me from across the room, I guess thats a good thing though!

Daddy watchin is ball to see if a got a strike? I think that is was almost a gutter ball!

Hunter- this is Joel's friend that got to come with us, they sure had a fun time together.

Joel had fun, it is a good thing that he is tough and can hold that heavy ball!

Delaney taking a good shot!

Here are the girls in Delaney's class! We loaded everyone up and headed to Lovell for an afternoon of Bowling. She only had to wait a month to have her friend party with mom and dad down and out and Christmas and everything else going on there just wasn't a good day until now. But good things come to those who wait! It was a fun afternoon It is fun to see the girls enjoying their friends! Happy 10th Birthday my Sweet Delaney!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas program

Delaney at the Christmas program (4th Grade 10 yrs)! She was so excited to be able to the "ribbon" dance! She has been waiting for this dance since preschool! She is getting so grown up!

Cienna (3rd grade 8 yrs)! She had a lot of fun with her recorder and the fun dances they did!

Joel (4yrs almost 5 and in pre-k) his first program he was so excited to be a soldier! and a "present" under the tree! I also had some video but I can't get it to upload! so this is a pretty boring post, but it has some pretty darn cute kids in though!


We got snow FINALLY!!! the wind came with it a blew in the drifts, my van finally got dug out the other day.

We went sledding with some friends. We have a hill at the ranch that got flooded with water and is now ice the whole way down the hill! Talk about an awesome sledding adventure!

our friends daughter Abby having fun going down.

Joel getting warm by the fire and roasting a marshmallow, we also did hot dogs and hot chocolate of course!

And of course we did rides behind the 4-wheeler.

Sydney and Cienna enjoying the hot cocoa

Mike and I took a turn! of course he made me ride in front and get my face full of snow! Such a loving man.

friends around the fire! it was sure a fun day. We have actually gone quite a few times I think that the accident with the ice will become a perment thing every year!