Tuesday, November 1, 2011


for Halloween this year the kids had fun picking out what they were going to be, a pirate, a blood queen, and Pippy long stocking, ( with fake Halloween nails of course)! they bought their own hair dye and nails (which fell off by lunch time).

Scary pumpkins! the kids drew the face and mike cut them out.

some serious carving going on at our house! Yes that is my 5 year old with a drill!? I wonder what goes through my mind some days!

It worked out great! you beat that around in there and then just dumped out the seeds! I really liked it, what a great buy, now to put it somewhere I'll remember for next year!

Joel's class party I made witches brew (root beer & dry ice) they thought it was awesome!

spider eggs, and eyeball eggs (I ran out of olives) I did notice that all the kids picked off the spiders? what is that all about!?

apple peanut butter and marshmallow smiles. Those were a hit!

The kids started trick or treating about 4:30 and got home about 8:00 Now for me to hide most of the candy while they are at school. It was a very long and fun day, No one wanted to get up this morning, I think that Halloween should always be on a Friday or Saturday who's with me??

The funniest part of the day was Joel's teacher talking about scary costumes! The whole school goes on a little parade around the school to see everyone costumes, anyway the teacher was saying that if anyone was scared they could hold on to one of our hands. One little boy shouts "yeah I saw some scary ones, some of them have boobs!" No it was not my child thank you!! But we were all laughing so hard. Now if boobs aren't' scary I don't know what would be!? Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!