Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sinks!

Mike came home Saturday and said "let's go to Lander and look at "the sinks" I knew something was up, and then he said "there is also a truck I want to go look at" I knew it! but I said yes anyway and off we went with whining kids almost the whole way! When we finally found the right spot it was beautiful! Here we are walking down to where the water goes into the mountain!

You can walk right down to the opening, the kids had a blast climbing all over!

Delaney took her turn with the camera, she said I had to put her pics on the blog too!

Don't we look happy?

Daddy and Joel in the hole! ha ha ha!

Another shot of the water going into the mountain, pretty cool!

Delaney working the camera again, ahhhh aren't we cute! this is on the bridge on the way down.

Here is the balcony overlooking the rise this is where the water comes out of the mountain about 1/2 mile down on the opposite side!

the plaque about it!

look at all those fish, they have a spot where you can feed them, and they say they come up here to spawn. Joel wanted to try handfishing, but don't worry we didn't!

You can kind of see the water seeping out of the rocks. pretty neat and quite a mystery! Well worth the drive, even with cranky kids! We dodged alot of deer and ended up hitting one about 2 miles from home, but luckily no damage to the van. Yes we did go look at the semi too and I think I talked him out of buying it I HOPE!

Solar Cooking

So Cienna had to make a solar oven for school, we were explaining what you needed to make one and how they worked. The idea was to cook a marshmallow. Turned out pretty well I think, she said it took awhile but it did melt and so did the chocolate she put in there. It was good, but pretty messy she said!

Joel decided he wanted to make one too, so I gave him a box and let him go with it so he cut and taped and worked on it. This is what he came up with, he threw in a handful of little marshmallows and turned on his flashlight and let them cook!

He let it sit in there for awhile pulled it out took out a marshmallow and said "ahhh done to perfection" where do kids get this stuff??