Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Vacation!

Well we kind of decided on a whim to go to Washington to visit Mike's sister Hali. So we left Wed afternoon after the kids last day of school. The weather was rainy when we left and when we got to the interstate around Columbus this is what we found.

The water washed out the gravel under the train tracks. there were trains stopped on the tracks everywhere between Spokane and Livingston.

Getting a little bit deep! Is it the interstate or a new river?

Mike doing a good job keeping it on the road.

We made it to Spokane and Hali took us to the park and we played on the little red wagon, Mike went up to see the view!

Family photo in the wagon, I can't believe we all fit!

I got to go down the slide! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Then we went for a ride in the sky car overlooking the Falls on the River.

Still smiling we weren't in the sky YET!

Very pretty but there was sure a lot of nothing between us and the ground!

look at those fingers turning white!

getting ready to go back up, Joel was asking if the ride was over yet.

Then we went to the Cat Tails Zoo!

HMMM should we go in???

the Mountain lion looking for food!

We actually fed a lion!

Cienna feeding "Zamba" his snack!

Delaney, Hali, & Aspen all took a turn! How cool is that!

The bear was getting his dinner too!

the White tiger, we also saw bobcats and a few other tigers and lions, oh my!

the entrance of the Zoo

We stopped to visti Mike's cousin and his family, and they took us to this fun kids interactive museum. Joel love the water table!

Cienna and Malia digging for dinosaur bones!

Joel and Delaney Digging!

Grace and Fiona in the red and Me and Joel in the Blue! About one ride on the Carosuel was enough for me! It went very fast!

James and Delaney digging!

We had a great time visiting everyone, It's always fun to go places but nice to get home too! On the way home it poured rain almost the whole way. We had just left Missoula and came up on a bad wreck that I helped on, Then just outside of Bozeman a guy hydroplained and rolled down a hill. He was ok but his van sure wasn't! I guess now I know why I kept getting after the kids for wanting to bury my medic bag. I think both guys are going to be fine. Being on a scene like that sure makes me glad to have the training I do, People stop to help and just run around like crazy!? So We are home safe happy but still wet! Will this rain ever quit?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring is in the air..... I think!

the pigs are growing and always causing trouble, they are worse than the kids! One got out the other day and dumped a 5 gal. bucket of oil then rolled around in it!

Dave's baby guineas they are getting big and he is getting baby chicks in about a week!

Cienna and Sylvan playing with the lambs, Sylvan didn't really like them much.

Ember and the stare down! Who will give up first? she had a ball chasing them around the pen!

the great roundup, running them in to be docked.

In the little pen ready for the torcher!

vaccinating oh what fun! I love giving shots!

Are we done yet?

Branding cattle with the neighbors the sun was actually shining that day!

ok not the greatest picture but we were together!

taking a break! who is that cute cowboy?

we have had a day or two that we have been able to get in the fields with the tractors, we like the rain but I for one am more than ready for some hot weather! The kids have been enjoying the longer days but it is never warm enough to be outside very long. Hopefully soon! So Happy Spring everyone!