Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joel ~ what more can I say???

Joel thought that we needed some redecorating done. Here is a lead rope for our horse stuck to the wall and then clipped to a box!? Anyone needed decorating Ideas give him a call.

Apparently he decided to change his name Joel David no longer sounded good so according to him his new middle name is now Sonic!!?? This is how he signs all his school work! I'm glad his teacher has a sense of humor.

He has also told us that our house is too bright and noisy to sleep at night so this is what I found (in MY bed of course) Joel sound asleep with his eye mask and headphones on. the next night he added my heating pad around his neck? He is always thinking!

What happens when you love to eat sugar beets???

you lose your first tooth!!

All I can say is I have to watch this kid every second or I find things taken apart or things duct taped up! Good thing he is so darn cute!

Snow White & the 7 dwarfs

The girls did the Missoula Children's Theater again this year and loved it! Cienna was a bunny, and Delaney was one of the Evil Queens Henchmen.

Here is the whole cast about 50 kids. I can't believe that two ladies can get all these kids rehearsed in 5 days and put on a great show but somehow they get it done!!

The unibrowed henchmen and the bunny! I think that the bunny looks a little nervous??

all the forest animals.

The henchmen the evil Queen and her "mirror" they were all so funny! It was a LONG week but so worth it, I love that my kids love to perform!!

did I mention??

smile big for the camera! here's Delaney getting her braces on!

My sweet little baby girl who is now 11, has already lost all her baby teeth and got braces!
Granny Kay also got braces I guess we decided to make it a family thing!?

Cuz I had them too! This actually happened back in October along with the braces she also got glasses. A lot of changes! I got mine off about a week after this picture WHOOO!

Isn't she gorgeous!!! I can't believe how much she has grown! Love ya Miss Delaney!!