Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My friend and I have been working on this project for awhile now and we finally got it done! It was a lot harder than it looks! I would like to get a bigger copy sometime but this is the one I got done. It is my grandma in the littlest, then my mom, me, and finally Delaney.  I am hoping to make one for each of my kids. what an awesome keepsake!

ditch graffti!!

 They poured a new ditch at the ranch and we decided that we should let everyone know who was there when it was finished!
 Mike's fingers really aren't that big!
in another 100 years when our descendants are irrigating in that ditch they will see our names! how cool is that!?

Kite flying

 Cienna got this awesome kite from her teacher, it took us awhile to put it together but it was fun to do!
Here she is making it fly!! it works great! but where do you store it when your not flying it???


 about 6 years ago I cut my thumb doing the dishes, the ER didn't notice that I had cut through my tendon, and stitched me up and sent me on my way with my thumb not being able to bend, then 2 week later sent me to a "hand specialist" that told me I had to have surgery right away so the next day I went under the knife! WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!! so in March I went up to Billings and had a great Dr fix me finally!! He even let me stay awake a watch!! He cleaned out a ton of scar tissue and had to sever the nerve as it was beyond repair. the pic below is the nerve (its not supposed to have that ball on the end!) they drilled into my bone and attached the nerve to it so that it can not cause pain anymore! I have no feeling in the back of my hand, but it is much better than the pain I was having!
 The pretty work the Dr did
And this is what it looks like today! Finally after six years I can use it normally again! My advise do your research on Dr's before you choose one to cut on ya!!

the best shirt

We went to another dinner and they had a great comedian there, most of his act was about ag stuff and we just had to get a shirt! To my surprise Cienna just loved it! I think the shirt says it all!!

The Secret Garden

 The girls did the Missoula Children's Theater again this year! It is so much fun but it sure makes for a LONG week! This year they did the secret garden, not my favorite but it was still cute! We sure do have some talented kids around here! Cienna was a sheep and Delaney was a goose (in case you couldn't tell!)
 most of the cast
 the sheep
the geese!

Joel is the big winner yet again!!

We took Joel with us to a bean growers appreciation dinner and they had a few things to give away! Everyone got a ticket and Joel waited all night to see if he won. And guess what he won a step ladder, this is a picture of him on the way home he wouldn't let us put it in the back! He still won't let anyone use it but him, it is tucked away in his room for safe keeping!