Sunday, June 2, 2013

end of the year elementary program

 This is Delaney's last elementary program! (crying) When did she get so grown up??
 I'm not exactly sure what she was supposed to be, but she looks great don't ya think???
 Delaney and Jessi they made up their own dance and danced to step in time off of Mary Poppins! They did great! It was funny to watch!
 Cienna is right behind with her last program next year!! ( really sobbing now) she did the old barn dance!
Joel loves his picture taken just like his mom! anyway he was a little Indian if you couldn't tell! they are all growing up way to fast!!

SURPRISE!! mom and dads 45th anniversary!!

 We kept it a secret for a whole month!! and we got almost everyone here!
 my dad's oldest brother Jackie, dad my uncle Steve (brother from another mother) and dad's little brother Jay missing his other brother Jeff!
 dad's family
 moms family
 all the gran kids and great grand kids! (missing Adianna Orin's daughter)
 AHHHH they do look each other!
We even made them cut the cake! It was a great day! so glad everyone could make it and that the weather cooperated!! so happy anniversary mom and dad we love ya lots!!!