Wednesday, September 22, 2010

medicine wheel for real

one of mike and I don't we look excited!

It was a little windy up there!

from a distance!

This is a smaller wheel, you can kind of see it in the picture. This is off by one of the entrances.

This is one of the "secret" underground entrances, We were able to go exploring off the beaten path and find these again I was told they were to special rooms. The opening have gotten smaller over the years or maybe I just got bigger! It was fun to be able to show them to my kids, most people don't even know they are there!

You can't really tell but this is the center or the "carne" in the middle notice the buffalo skull.

We made it to the top 1.5 miles to get there! I think that Mike and Joel are still hiking up the hill.

We had so much fun helping Delaney with her medicine wheel project, we decided to take a trip up the mountain to see the real one-now that there is not as many tourist around! It was a beautiful drive up the mountain we went up the Lovell side which we normally don't do, the fall colors were beautiful! What an awesome place to live.

Friday, September 17, 2010

birthday overload!

Look at that cake, yes I cheated and bought one, but what can I say its a busy time of year, and it is cute!

I'm not sure if the kids or my nephew had more fun at Rumble Park, It kinda looks like he is getting whipped by a 4 year old!?

The big kid of the bunch!

Queen of the jump house

Down the hatch

Everyone piled in for a picture! What a fun place for a party and the best thing is almost everyone is asleep now and they didn't wreck my house!

soaking the fingers.

soaking the toes

Cienna turned 8 on the fourth of Sept. She thought it would be fun for her and I to go have a girls day. she picked manicures and pedicures! Did I mention I don't like feet, or my feet being touched!? But I stepped up to the plate! The manicure was fine and nice and the feet wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Cienna loved it she almost fell asleep while getting it done! Me not so much!
Then we took her friends and went to Rumble Park in Cody for more birthday fun! Everyone got really worn out and mom gets the night off cuz everybody is sleeping and its not even 6:00. The only bad things is now I have to have this much fun for the other 2 birthdays, or maybe thats not so bad?


look at how cute the fence turned out, she tyed on little fabric as the prayer offering, just like the real thing.

the finished project headed to the school!

filing away at the fence posts, and measuring to make sure all the spokes would fit.

Delaney is in the fourth grade at school. I loved the 4th grade, that is the year you learn wyoming history. She has started off the year with projects that we have been having fun with. She made a solar oven (that I forgot to get a picture of) out of a shoe box and other supplies. She had to cook a smore in it, it seemed to work she brought it home and there was melted chocolate and marshmallow all over it! That was fun to do.

She also had to pick one of several projects to do with history and she picked to make a model of the medicine wheel. It was a little harder than it looked on paper but it was fun to help her with that, it had to have all 28 spokes, and she glued on every little rock, with a little help. so much fun, I can't wait to see what comes up next!