Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy happy 12th birthday Delaney!

 My baby just keeps on growing up on me!? The afternoon started by having Christmas dinner in Emblem, here is Abby, Maddie, and Delaney trying to have fun with a bunch of old people~ their words not mine!
 The whole town sang Happy Birthday to her, she was a little embarrassed!
 Delaney playing Rocking Around the Christmas tree with Abby and Maddie singing along!
 A birthday isn't complete without a visit from Santa!!
 Then we came home and opened some presents!
 Dad joined in the fun and played the WII with the girls, that was a little embarrassing too! We ended the night by watching Aurthur Christmas on the big screen at the fire hall, what an awesome day!
 Then we had family over to celebrate, The official way of lighting the cake as only daddy can do with a torch!

 Opening more presents
Aunt April got her makeup, she was so excited! she even got a lesson in how to put it on, however she needs more practice taking it off I should have taken a picture of her face when she got out of the shower! She sure is growing up and becoming a beautiful young lady! WE LOVE YOU TONS!!!!