Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crazy Hair and Joel's Birthday!

We are finally having a birthday for Joel! Not quite a month late, with everyone being sick and just the usual? I know NO EXCUSES! But anyway here he is helping crush the "dirt" for his cake he wanted. So Happy #5 Joel!!

My goal was to actually buy a new dump truck but I guess it is the wrong time of year for them because there were none to be found! So I spent the morning before his party boiling water and trying to dig the old one out of the biggest snow drift in the whole yard!? Then washing it out because of course it was full of real dirt and frozen to the ground! It was funny though because Joel knew the exact spot to start our digging and he was right on!

After scrubbing it clean I lined it with tin foil Just in case. I thought that my turned out pretty good If I do say so myself! Joel didn't really care for the pink candles but again they were all I could find in the drawer. He doesn't like anything that is even remotely girl, He is ALL boy that's for sure!

Hunter, Casey, and Joel getting ready to enjoy the dirt! Joel decided that he wanted to go sledding for his Birthday, the last few birthdays have been hard getting family together so we thought the kids should at least have a friend party!

This is a really bad picture and I should delete it but oh well?

Casey and Joel made it to the bottom!

It was crazy hair day at school so here are the girls with their crazy hair, a LOT of ratting and hairspray!

Joel looks so happy! Yes we did get it all washed out and looking normal again! Delaney also was asked to ride her unicycle for the Kindergarten Class that day too, They all thought she looked like a clown with her crazy hair! She was riding it down the halls and was the star of the school for a little while!