Friday, July 5, 2013

South Dakota #3 and final!

 We took the scenic route through the needles highway! very cool!
 the eye of the needle
 right about the time we got to the first tunnel a tour bus kinda got stuck and we had to wait for him to get through so we payed on the rocks for a while.
 ignore the weird guy in my picture, he kept walking right in front of me!??

 this guy was a little better driver than the first guy was, Mike directed him through the tunnel and you can see a white thing in his window it said "student driver"! he thanked Mike and was very glad he made it through!

 outside the last tunnel up on the hill was Mt. Rushmore!

 some of the cool bridge we went over and under!
 and the final stop on the way home!!

 again Mike and I are out of shape and the mile and a half walk about did us in!
 Joel loved climbing on all the rocks

 take the picture quick I can't hold it up much longer!

and we even found a tepee! We had a great time and I am so glad that Mike was willing to take some time off to go on vacation with us, in the summer no less! such fun memories!!!

South Dakota #2

 We saw some bears!
 This ole bear really wanted the elk on the other side of the electrified cattle guard he just kept pacing and pacing.
 here is one sleeping in the tree.
 Mountain Lion, and of course there were elk and wolves and coyotes and mt sheep and bobcats and several other things too but I just wanted to see the bears!
 taking a bath
 he really didn't want his picture taken
 the cubs by far the funnest part we watched them play for about an hour!

 Cosmos Mystery cabin
 a very weird experience!
 Joel said it made his tummy feel weird he didn't like it much!
 Then of course we had to visit a cave

 Mike is not very photogenic!??

 Then we all got to ride a zip line!
 Did I mention that I am TERRIFIED of heights??

that's right we both conquered our fears and rode it!! one more post after this!

Souht Dakota vacation #1 post

 My kids LOVE going on vacation! can't you tell??
 First stop Mt Rushmore.

 Turns out Mike and I are kinda out of shape!? who would have guessed!??? anyway we walked around a 1.5 mile path and we thought the kids might just have to leave us at the bottom and go get help.

 a cool view from the path we were kind of in a little cave.
 Joel was very disappointed that George Washington did not have nostrils!?
 still smiling~ barely!
 a little museum of his casts that he wanted the Mt to look like
 Cienna blowing things up!
 Then Reptile Gardens not my favorite! here is Maniac he is 15ft 7in long
 Joel got picked to help out with the bird show! not sure his Duck Dynasty shirt (if it flies it dies) shirt is appropriate????

 Love his face!
 the vulture
 Mike found the porta potty and well that's all we have to say about that!

 Joel almost got eaten by an alligator!

 the tortoises they said they are about 50 years old!
 touching a snake!  post #2 is coming with more fun adventures of South Dakota