Friday, October 4, 2013

Boating at Yellowtail with the Card's

 The Card family invited us to go boating with them up at Yellowtail it was a blast, it was the end of September and it was like an Indian summer! the kids had a blast, we all did!
 Joel exploring the shoreline a bit
 We about couldn't get these three off the inner tube! It was the perfect weather!

 Jamie Joel and I took a ride too! turns out I'm not quite as adventurous as I used to be!?? But it was fun!

 Jody let Joel drive the boat and let me tell ya Joel was in heaven!!
 Mike even took a turn with me; notice his water attire!?? He didn't want to put on his suit so off we went with him in his jeans, I can only imagine what the other boaters thought of him out there!!!

 Delaney trying out the knee board she didn't quite get all the way up but had fun trying!

It was an awesome day! We had a BBQ on the boat and spent the whole day out there! I can't believe what a beautiful day it was so late in Sept. especially as now I'm looking out my window to snow on the ground in Oct!! But I guess that's what I love about Wyoming you never know what tomorrow is going to bring!!