Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th

So obviously I am still a little tired from yesterday because I put all these pictures in backward order, and I am too lazy to switch them around so here is our day from night to morning! We ended the night with the dance, Joel is not a dancer ( takes after his dad I guess) but I did get one picture of him on the dance floor getting his glow in the dark ring.

here are a lot of kids dancing in the dark with there light sticks, bracelets, and rings. they had a ball!

Doing the chicken dance!

the afternoon was the community lunch and program which the girls sang in, but Mike and I were helping get the food ready and didn't get to hear them or get any pictures :( Then they played lots of games, then it was time for a nap at least for Mike and I! The morning was the parade the girls were the Irrigating Acrobats it was very entertaining!

Joel and Hunter wanted to ride bikes and throw candy. so here they are on their John Deere Bikes!

here is the end of the race the kids were in first thing in the morning Delaney ran the mile in 8 min and came in first Cienna was second at about 13 min. not to bad! they both won pies!

here come Cienna to the finish line!

Delaney crossing the line look at how excited she is! she loves this kind of thing!

Here is everyone at the starting line- I did it last year but didn't this year. The funny thing is Joel ran it too but he didn't come back I was starting to get a little worried so I went to look for him, well he didn't turn around at the mile mark and kept running with the adults who were running the 5K! I can't believe no one turned him around the poor kids was exhausted!

Well that was our day in a nut shell, it was a fun day but when this time comes around it is also kind of sad because it always means that summer is almost over. But that also means then I might be able to keep up on laundry and keep the house clean again!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There was one crazy windstorm the other night that came through town there were bracnches all over and this is what happened to what used to be our cafe! Smached right down the middle! Glad no one was in there!

not a great picture but this is an 80 ft pine tree.

This one almost landed on someones house! It only lasted a few minutes but boy was it fierce! I'm sure glad we don't get tornados!

look what we won!

So we went to Cars 2 opening day and we got fancy water bottles that change color when cold we even got our treats for free (thanks to Auntie April) and we all put our name in the State Farm drawing and guess what we WON! They called the other day and said that we had until Friday to claim our prize what could it be?? My mind reeled with thoughts of spa treatments or a free dinner, sadly that was not the case this is what we got boy was Joel thrilled! Not so sure it was worth the drive but the kids were excited to win! You really have got to laugh about it! Now where to put it when I don't want it on the window anymore??

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July weekend!

The kids had friends o ver for a swimming party, they had a great time enjoying the sunshine!

The night sky was gorgeous that night.

How rednecks light fireworks, he also uses the welder to light the trash?? I don't ask!

I made layered drinks the white didn't work but the red and blue worked great, it was fun!

the finished product, aren't they pretty.

they made cookies with Granny Kay!

It was a fun relaxing weekend with friends! Nothing much but I thought that I needed to update my blog. Hope you all had a very happy fourth!