Thursday, August 26, 2010


Joel started preschool today! Very sad day to see my baby, a big boy now getting on the bus. He has been watching for the bus all morning and was just sure that it was never going to come. I wish I took a picture of his face when he saw the bus come around the corner!

Here is all three ready for school! Don't they look excited and happy for school, they really weren't!

The girls had two backpacks and Delaney had a walmart sack with stuff that still wouldn't fit! I can't believe how much "stuff" they need for elementary school, I'm afaid to see how much stuff they will need in high school!
So my afternoons will be lonely now, I should get a lot done, but I will probably just nap?? I wish!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Night!

Hali and I thought it would be fun to take the girls to the drive in, in Powell. The movie was Ramona and Beezus very cute movie by the way! The girls were very excited!

This is just some of the "healthy" food we just had to have cuz what is a movie without junkfood? We also had candy and that popcorn we bought 2 that size (it had free refills) how many refills did we get?? 4 yes FOUR no dieting that night! But it was well worth it!

not a good picture but Delaney insisted that our picture be on here too! And look at those yummy nachos in my hand YUM!

Cienna didn't quite make it through the movie she missed about the last 45min of it. Pop and skittles, who needs a teddy bear to sleep? It was a late night but so much fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

trying to canoe

"If we can just go that way we will be out of the mud enough to move!" But NO dang the wind anyway. It was a good upper body workout anyway!

We really wanted to go canoeing, so we decided to go even though it got really windy! Not the greatest idea, we couldn't get away from the shore!

The kids thought it would be easier to just walk beside us as we desperately tried to go out into the lake!

We finally got out there and then the waves would come in and not so gently rock the boat which the kids didn't like so they started to bail out one by one!

Joel looking for rocks and sticks in the water, he had so much fun!

Another one of Hali and I still trying to get away from the rocky shore so the kids could keep jumping out of the boat, after the first time they thought that was more fun than staying in? AAHH the fun days of summer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

mini golf

scary picture, all the kids with glof clubs!!

We took the kids mini glofing, we had so much fun even if we didn't play by the rules! The very last hole and the last swing of Delaney-she was a little excited and Cienna was a little to close. Anyway Cienna took a club to the head! A little swelling and a bruise, but she lived!

camping fun with the Aagard's

we went fishing and enveryone caught a fish or at least a fishlette! They sure weren't very big!

Even Cienna caught one event though she really didn't like it much!

there is always a photo op even when you look like this!

we hiked to the old tie flume. how they used to log trees off the mountain. so sad to see what little is left of it, I remember it standing well above my head when I was there as a kid.

We went camping with the Aagard's a couple weeks ago, and boy did the kids have a ball! The Adults did too! We did some geo cashing the kids had a great time learning how to use the GPS! We hiked to some rocks where I used to hike as a kid, and the kids loved hearing the stories of my youth, I'll leave that at that! We played games ate great food and enjoyed great company, Joel had a pretty good wreck on his bike, he got going to fast down a hill and he took off for the grass to slow him down, he hit a rock and did a flip over the handlebars-not fun for mom to watch this all happening from the top of the hill trying to get to him! I thought that he might have a broken rib for a while and then he bouced back thank goodness! Thanks Mike and Kelli for a great weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Grandpa having fun picking, thank goodness we didn't have to help with that.

Cleaning and de-steming (cold job)

Cienna loved runnning the pitter! But after 3 coolers full of cherries we were all getting a little tired!

Delaney moving a little slower than when we started!
Dave and Kay went out to Washington to help Hali move and came home with 3 coolers full of cherries. We all spent about 2 hours cleaning, steming and pitting them. The kids had a lot of fun! Now for the good stuff cherry jelly YUM YUM!!! And grandpa wants cherry pie filling I guess thats ok too!!