Monday, July 23, 2012


 Remember those big toys my kids like to play with?? well this is what happens when they don't pay attention! the picture makes it look a lot less purple!
 The road rash that happens when your sister comes around the corner way too fast and you are going the wrong way. and you hit each other, Joel flew about 15 feet before skidding to a halt in the gravel and lucky me I got to see the whole thing in slow motion! I couldn't get my feet to move fast enough, and EMT mode went out the window and mom mode kicked in I realized after the fact!?
 You can't see it but the mouth guard is all scratched.
 the top is scratched, I think we would have been in the ER had it not been for the helmet!

The grill guard of the 4-wheeler! thankfully everyone is fine, it was a good lesson in paying attention and always wearing your helmet!