Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These Girls Should Play the LOTTO!!!

Last week between the town and the school there was some grant money for new sidewalks around Burlington. Each day for a week if the kids used the sidewalks they put their name in a jar, on friday they held the drawing and Delaney's name was picked for a new bike, she even got to go to Walmart and pick out any one she wanted! What a lucky girl! It worked out perfect as hers was getting to small. Last year about this time we attended a bike safety rally in Basin and Cienna won a bike as well. Though it is a little big for her right now. She is nice enough to let mom ride it! What lucky girls, what else could be better!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

unicycles and bicycles

Joel just decided that he was ready for a 2 wheeler and took off riding with NO help! He is growing so fast!

Delaney on her unicycle she has been riding since she was 5, she now wants an extention so she can be high off the ground! Little Dare Devil.

Cienna has been practicing so she can ride it too! With a little more practice they can both be circus performers! Every Mothers Dream. It is so much fun to watch them grow and learn new things.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day???????

I thought that I would get to have a nap, the kids were all being so quiet and good or so I thought?! Delaney came in with a marker and told me Joel was coloring on the wall! Blue marker on his freshly painted white wall in his room! Is he still alive you ask--- yes barely, he kept telling me "I didn't do it" saying this with a blue streak across your face I say QUILTY! I tried to scrub it and my final thought is I guess I'll just repaint that spot. That is the last time I get to nap, and yes dad was watching them but he was asleep too! Some babysitter!

pigs and chicks

Just a quick update on how big the pigs have gotten! Not the cute little babies we brought home in Nov. They should be ready to butcher in about a month.

Our neighbor thought that she would try to hatch some eggs. So she let her brother in law keep them at the school in his science room for all the kids and parents to enjoy! It was fun watching the chicks peck their way through the shells! I am not sure how many hse ended up with but we saw at least 19, they were so cute!