Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hawaii part 4

 enjoying the sunshine
 I couldn't get a picture but there were whales just off the coast from us that kept coming up it was pretty awesome

 some volcano's Hualali, Mauna loa, & Mauna kea

 driving off the mountains into a rainstorm

Delaney had a little too much sun and swelled up, well we all did!! I treated a couple of us for heat exhaustion but all in all it was an awesome trip!!!! We flew into Spokane to look at some equipment and the drive back took twice as long! We came home to a lovely blizzard!! we drove on solid ice and white outs almost the whole way home!! but we made it!!

Hawaii part 3

rainbow falls

Joel loved this cool tree
climbing around on the falls

coconut island, an old part of the island that was destroyed by a tsunami and never rebuilt

driving in the rain forest

driving up the coast

the white sand beach!! and playing in the ocean

Joel loved to boogy board!!

Joel and Matt buried Mike in the sand

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hawaii part 2

 We arrived on the big island!!
 this is the volcano at volcano national park, kinda weird that you are standing on top of a volcano that is steaming!

 The black sand beach

 a sea turtle not a great picture he wouldn't cooperate

 Joel playing in the sand

 the green sand beach

 you could jump off this cliff.....
and climb back up this rickety old ladder! none of us were brave enough!!