Tuesday, June 26, 2012

16 years and going strong!

 the 22nd of June was our 16th wedding anniversary this picture was taken a couple years ago, but I love this picture!
here is what we looked like way back when! our engagment picture weren't we cute!!??
16 years 3 kids later, lets see what the next 16 are like! bring it on!

Who's Your Daddy??

 We went to Utah for a Neves Reunion, it was a lot of fun here are some of the highlights of the weekend.
 No I was not pinching him!
 Kritin and me
 Virgil and Mike cooking lots of yummy food!
 Joel and Ember climbing a tree, he had so much fun exploring I hardly saw him all weekend!
 some of the group, we even had to take a test on the family history I didn't do very well but there was some pretty funny stories!!
 Delaney and Aspen sitting around the campfire
 They thought it would be funny to blindfold the moms and have all the kids yelling "mom" and have us try to pick out our kids!?
 I found two of mine!

 This is the awesome so creative! Aunt Maire would be so proud!
Virgil (daves cousin) was just sure that Mike looked more like him than Dave so he was goofing around and told Mike to call him "daddy" just to see how it feels! You have to know Virgil I guess but we couldn't stop laughing about it! Sharon, his wife said she woke up in the middle of the night laughing about it! Hence the title of this post! He also told Dave that he should have been a famous sire, that he could have been rich~ Cause Mike is so big I mean stout I mean..... anyway! It was quite a weekend we laughed so hard we cried! Thanks Virgil and Eldon for an awesome weekend, can't wait to do it again soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

big toys!

 Summer fun! I don't know who has more fun with these "toys" Mike or the kids!?
 look out here she comes!
Cienna outgrew this motorcycle so Mike bought a bigger one but it is too big for now! I guess they have something to keep them busy for the summer!


 My Grandma Ralston, and Debbie came to Cody to visit and we all went out to lunch. here is Grandma, mom, & dad.
 Grandme and the great grandkids and Amery a great great grandkid!
 I guess I should have moved my purse?!
 And the Tempany kids came for a visit all the way from Hawaii!! so the kids all got together to play! Abby, Delaney, Aspen, Maddie, and Isobelle!
 I had 12 kids over for a pool party! YES I am CRAZY! but the kids all had fun!
Cienna and Alora and Ahna! it was a lot of fun to see everyone, now I guess we are planning a trip to Hawaii???!! Some day??

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hiawatha Trail

 So I have been wanting to Bike the Hiawatha For awhile now, and here we are and of course it is raining and you can see the clouds getting lower on the mountain behind us!? are we CRAZY????
 and of course we were wearing shorts it is June after all!
 Willies's helmet was a little small! But we had to wear them!
 Mike had an awesome backpack.
 going into the first tunnel looks a little dark!
 In the tunnel with just our flashlights I think that dot in the picture is the end of the tunnel a little over a mile away!
 This is the other end We made it through!!
 A pretty waterfall by the end of the tunnel
 Breaking for lunch the clouds were getting lower, we could no longer feel our legs or our fingers!
 This is a plaque that I happened to see in the tunnel kinda cool!
 we made it through again yeah!
Cienna and I at the opening! We only made it a couple of miles down and back but we will go again (when it is warmer fingers crossed) and do it again or at least we will wear pants and gloves next time! It was a lot of fun and a good story to tell later on!

Butte, Montana

 We decided to head up to Montana to visit Mike's cousin and decided to take a trip to Yellowstone on the way! Here are the girls at the lake, it was a little chilly! this is the only picture I took in Yellowstone, I forgot how irritating going through the park can be with all the tourists!!!
 Here we are in Butte, Montana we decided to take the trolley tour on the mines and around the town.
 playing tourist some more!
 this is the tunnel going down to the Berkly pit, this is where all the toxic water from the mines go! I think they said that it is a mile wide, a mile across and like 5500 ft deep! It was huge!

 headed down the tunnel

 this is a water fall headed into the pit
 one of the old mine towers!
another one. They also took us around the town and showed us all the old houses and buildings. It was very cool, they even talked about how people lived and made their money in this mining town~ like the "ladies of the night" and the "brothels" my kids started asking what that was!? UM We will talk about that after the tour, they forgot about it by then! It was a very cool tour, we had lots of fun, our driver was very entertaining!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

see my harley!

Mike was at our neighbors the other day and he was throwing out his old Harley muffler. Mike thought that it was the perfect fit for Joel's motorcycle. Joel thought that it was pretty awesome too!