Friday, January 29, 2010

Sylvan Grace!!!

Ember loves her new baby sister!!

Sylvan Grace is the name I think that Kristin and Parry decided she was born on Jan 29,, 2010 and wieghed 7# 5 oz. with lots of black hair!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Loving the SNOW!!!!

Doesn't really look that safe does it???? You would think that with my EMS training I would think more about doing this, but at least I look offical with my jacket on!! And we all returned home safe and sound!!!!

Joel wasn't real excited he had waited to long for us to get ready, he like riding on the 4-wheeler the best

AAAHHHH aren't they cute and they were even getting along for the picture anyway!!

Mike took a short turn but the inner tube was looking a little small and with the rocks we thought that it was going to pop!!

Delaney had time to make a snow dragon while we were setting up the sleds!

I think that they were a little cold at this point. Notice the camera wasn't on for my lovely photo! I didn't last long enough to take a picture, my lovely husband nocked me off almost right off the bat, thank goodness I didn't have to call the ambulance for myself! I don't think anyone saw me either!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sledding fun

How many kids can you get on one sled????

Even the mommies took a turn!!!

Grandpa had a fun idea to go down on the creek and sled around, roast hot dogs, & enjoy the day. We envited a few friends and spent a fun day sledding, and eating! It was just the right temp to spend a few hours playing. The kids got drenched in a snowball fight and everyone was tired and wet by the time we left!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Joel!!!

I can't believe that Joel is 4 Already!! Where does the time go. What a joy he is to have around, If anything is broken Joel comes running with the tools needed to fix it, sometimes he takes things apart before they need fixin!! He is loving his little 2 day a week preschool and he loves to play with his friends. His mind is always busy thinking of new things to do! Who knew that an old cardboard box and some tape could keep a kid busy all day!!! So here is a tribute to Joel on his 4th birthday!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ice Fishing

Mike , Joel, Cienna, and Mike Aagard and Hunter decided to go Ice fishing. They had a good time but only caught 1 fish (no picture). So it was a good think that they took along hot dogs and other snacks. While they did that Kelli, Delaney, a friend and myself went out to eat. It was a fun day for every one!!!