Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

 Joel has been crazy about ghosts lately, he watches the TV shows about them and he also found some stories that some high schoolers did in Cody at the Museum and at Old Trail Town. He has been begging to go to Old Trail Town ever since! So for my birthday we decided to play tourist and go for the tour.
 Joel was sure we had to wait until night time to see anything but he entered each cabin with anticipation of ghosts!

 He was getting kinda mad about half way through and thought that we should just hide out somewhere until night.

 We thought that maybe the hearse wagon might hold some clues to the past, but no!
 The old Burlington store building
 not much of store decorations??
 playing poker in the bar
 We went all the way through and no ghosts we did however buy a ghost story book for bedtime stories?? I think he is crazy but he loves it??
 Then we went mini golfing, cheated the whole way through and had a great time!

We finished it all off with China Town for dinner! It was a great day and I guess that we can just hope for ghosts another day!?