Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

The kids had their school Christmas performance. Cienna's class had all the lead roles so she was an orphan and Mrs. Neves (the music teacher) this was her last year doing it! kinda sad!!  Joel was a toy soldier and got to use a sword!! he thought it was great!

Mike had the thought for one of the kids presents, we would take them to the reef in Billings to swim!
Then the day after Christmas we took off for Minnesota to visit crazy aunt Megan! the kids had a blast in the car for 14 hours!! thankfully we had a T.V. 2 ipods and 3 tablets to keep them happy!! what did we ever do before electronics????

We went to the Mall of America and they had an amusement park inside the mall the kids had a ball!! Bumper cars hot air balloon rides....

and the girls wanted to go on this awesome rollercoaster!! here they are getting a little nervous!!
There they go!! and they loved it!
walking the mall!

they had this awesome aquarium inside the mall so we went to see the fishes, its was pretty cool. the kids even got to touch some of them!!
Joel found the lego store!!
we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp yummmm-o!!!! Megan didn't really think so!?? here is Mike being Forest he has the shoes the feather and even the box of chocolates!!

awesome light up glasses! We had a great time and if you ask Joel the best part was when Megan took us to her office at Dell and we got free hot chocolate!!?? He is a little strange! We shopped like crazy and had a great time!!