Friday, June 3, 2011

Granma Turns 80!

We had an 80th birthday party for grandma it wasn't a surprize, but the fact that my sister and I were there was! Here is Aunt Paula pinning on her flower.

The sign in table, Everyone wrote a favorite memory to put in a book for her!

Uncle Jackie and his wife Andrea shocked Grandma when they snuck in the back.

Me and Grandma

My cousin Allen and Grandma!

Some of the great grandkids My kids, 2 of my sisters and one great great grandkid!

Me Allen and April

We were standing outside the womens bathroom taking pictures and we didn't know that grandma was in there! We shocked her again when she opened the door so we got her in the picture too! My cousin Niki, me Gandma, Allen, & April!

Us laughing as she came out!

Aunt Paula and Pat

Grandma and Grandpa a LONG time ago! Oh what fun to think of all the memories! It was such a fun day. The roads were snowy and we had falling rock in the canyon but it was so worth the drive! It was great to see everyone!

Who wants to eat at my house??

So the rain kept coming and coming and coming! Our chest freezer is on our back patio and the rain was dripping off the roof. There was so much of it that it started running in through the seal of the door. This is a chunk that we finally got out at the end, those are my cherries, the flour that I had in there made a gross paste! Oh what a mess!!!

Another chunk of ice, so much for the tator tots :( We were able to salvage most of the meat that was in freezer paper thankfully it was also wrapped in plastic! As the meat thawed enough to break it out of the ice I brought it in too cook it. I think that I cooked 17# of hamburger, The rest fit in our other freezer. The yucky stuff the pigs got to eat they seemed to like it!

Here is the freezer when we tipped it on its end, Still pretty frozen, we sprayed high pressure water in there to get the ice to break up, it was about 1 1/2 feet deep! I think that the freezer still works so thats a good thing and we are having a cover made for it so when the next flood comes it should be ok!