Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Time

 Here are some of the pictures of the kids in the Christmas program, Joel wasn't happy about performing or being surrounded by girls!? But he did a good job!
 Cienna talking instead of singing??
 Delaney and her class had the lead roles in program, this is her last year in elementary!
 We made gingerbread men this year instead of houses, much easier to do!!!!

 Santa brought a karaoke machine now our house is full of beautiful music or at least loud noise??
 Joel got a new bike!
 Mike got a telehandler, We got it here just in time for Christmas and he has been playing I mean fixing it up perfect! I also got him a fuzzy blanket so he will quit stealing the kids all the time! As for me what did Mike get me this year you ask????? He put a lot of thought into it, or at least asked me a couple of times what I wanted, not that he was going to really get me anything!  as he sits here watching me type this over my shoulder reassuring himself out loud what a good and caring husband he is and how thoughtful he is!! this is what I got~
A BRA!!!!! WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! thank you honey! He actually got me 2!  I like to give Mike a hard time but I really do love him and after 18 years of being with him my expectations are low, but at least I can always buy myself what I want!!