Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joel Loves Tape!!

Joel has been loving his tape lately. Everything has been getting taped up! Here he found the electrical tape and taped up the "pick up sticks" to his " car" can't you see the devil in those eyes!

He taped up his doorknob, thinking that would keep everyone out of his room? I like the sign that he had Mike make for him.

We couldn't find any pencils Joel had taped them up to make a gun.

here is another weapon. I guess that pencils and tape make great weapons!

here is another one- this one took a whole roll before I caught him taping a little then hitting Delaney and asking her if it hurt, she would say no so he would put more tape on and do it again. He is so naughty sometimes!
Mike was taking a nap the other day and when he woke up his feet were taped together! So we have hid all the tape rolls, but I think he still has a secret stash somewhere because he always has a roll in his hand ready to tape up whatever he can find! This boy I tell ya is QUITE different than my girls, he keeps me on my toes!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Beginning.....

As I look at the beautiful sunrise this morning, I have been trying to decide whether or not to make this post? After a tough week I thought that if sad memories need to be remembered. I look at today as a New Beginning, A fresh start, that is the way I have decided to look at it.

This is the house where I spent my teenage years, this house was full of fun memories and sad ones too! At the beginning of the year when my parents told me that it was going into foreclosure I couldn't help but feel angry. I think that I was most angry that they tried to keep it a secret, that they didn't come to me for help until it was too late. With my dads health the last few years getting worse and my mom trying to do everything herself I guess it just got to be too much. As I helped go through things and get ready for a yard sale We laughed a little cried a lot, and found lots of fun things:

My mom and dad on their wedding day, they look so happy I'm glad they didn't know that day how hard their lives were going to be! Not too long after this my dad was run over by a tractor and paralyzed. They have been through so much yet they are still strong and such examples to me!

Here is a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa on my dads side!

My Grandma and Grandpa on my moms side!

The chess set my dad made when he was a teenager, and in amazingly great shape!

The old wooden desk, not sure where it came from, it has always been around, and my Grandpa's Indian Blanket.

The little red chair that was my dads when he was little. It seems to be indestructible? We will see at my house?? For some reason I just couldn't let someone buy these things they all have so many memories attached to them I had a feeling of dread when someone would look at them to buy, I finally had to haul them out to my car? My Rubik cube that my mom made me, though not really a "cube" anymore. Joel is loving using it as a pillow!

My grandpa's dresser. I guess I need to clean the mirror? These are a few of the things that seemed to make it home to my house plus a few toys and other odds and ends. It was sad to see people come in and go through my parents stuff But as I think about it now it is a relief to them to not have all that "stuff" anymore to not have the stress of a morgage anymore to be able to start over with a fresh start. So as I sit here teary eyed I think that this is a good thing, a new beginning!