Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the Halls!!!

Here are some of the cousins kids on Mike's side of the family. Not all but quite a few! This was taken on Thanksgiving after they broke the pinata!

We made gingerbread houses, Mike and Joel had a little trouble getting theirs together! You can't see in the picture but they had toothpicks and other stuff holding the roof up! But I have to say it turned out pretty cute!

You can tell Cienna likes profection! She took her time and with a little help from mom it looked great!

Delaney did great on hers, when it started to fall she just poured on more and more frosting! It worked! They all are still standing, minus a few of the candies!!

Delaney and Joel spent most of the afternoon making a snowman! It was getting dark when they finally told me they were done! You can kind of see it's face, They said they couldn't find anything to make a face for it so they just dug out a few holes! They had a great time!

The tree is decked, and the presents are still wrapped-- so far!

The punch tree is counting down the days til santa comes! So exciting! When Joel counts we still have about "62 Days" left! So the girls help him recount! Excitment is in the air. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!