Monday, May 28, 2012

Piano recitals, talent shows, & programs OH MY!

 Here is the end of the year school program the kids did, doesn't she look thrilled!
 Lets hear those recorders one last time!
 Joel was non too happy to perform, and he had to dance with a girl! How much can he be tortured!?
 Talent show riding the unicycle of course! I didn't get a good picture of her on the stage.
 Pogo stick jumping with no hands, and then with only one foot! again no picture~ terrible mother!
 The best and worst of piano.....
 playing a song that her dad loved to hear her practice everyday! I think it gives more incentive to practice when you know that the song irritates the crap out of your dad!!
Cienna also played great! We made it through another year of activities next year we start the sports I can hardly wait!!???